September 2022


5 Breweries You Must Visit in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is one of the best-known beer cities in the country and understands the need for a drink to be flavorful and expertly crafted.  If you’re eager to get away and enjoy something delicious, you’re in luck while you’re here!

These are the top five breweries you should visit while you’re in Milwaukee and why they’re so famous.

Eagle Park Brewing Company

Rated 4.8 stars out of five, Eagle Park Brewing Company is a fantastic destination that’s often been referred to as one of the top breweries in the country.  The flavor is exactly as advertised and is more delicious than you’d ever expect.  The bartenders are very conversational and eager to help you find the perfect drink for your stay.  Although this destination can be more expensive, if you’re in the area looking for Milwaukee houses for sale: it’s worth the stop.

1840 Brewing Company

Whether you want to stop in and enjoy the fantastic beers in-location, or you’re eager to get a great beer delivered to your door: the 1840 Brewing Company has you covered.  Offering flavors that range from citrus to hoppy and tons of options for any fan or novice, you’ll love the chance to understand beer better and make friends while you’re here!

Urban Harvest Brewing Company

Craft beer is Urban Harvest Brewing Company’s passion!  When you arrive, you’ll love the laid-back vibe in this huge rustic taproom, and on your first sip, you’ll decide you’ll never want to leave!  Friendly staff, great flavors, and affordable prices will make this into your weekly haunt in no time.  With over 100 ratings putting this at 4.7 out of 5 stars, you’ll want to be a part of what helps Urban Harvest Brewing Company grow!

MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom

Leaning into the fun of the mob’s influence on the prohibition, the MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom is a fun and exciting destination.  With new flavors every few months, and a website where fans can submit their own unique drink ideas, they really believe in being a part of the community and making beer into a conversation.  Over 500 reviews have MobCraft rated at 4.6 stars out of 5: but the affordable prices and fun atmosphere will have you wanting to give it five stars!

Good City Brewing

Why not stop for a bite and a drink in one of the most famous breweries in the city?  With a fantastic ambiance and delicious fresh food, you’ll fall in love with this brewery immediately.  Friendly staff and unique drinks keep every visit entertaining and fun.

Get the Most Out of Your Drinks!

Your alcoholic beverages should be delicious: so make sure you go to a brewery that’s known for getting it right!  The next time you’re in Milwaukee, make sure to check out some of these awesome destinations!

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